SCANNING STUDIO                      




Equivalentbehaviour is a professional and diverse environment for Makers, Photographers, Artists and Musicians.
Working collaboratively on ideas that take form in Workshops, Installation, food and live performance, we have purpose to exercise curiosity.

As a studio and Workspace for both Katrina Stamatopoulos and StorqueStudios, their focus is to open up space to share ideas and knowledge.
Their aim is to promote and sustain the maintenance of craft as practice.

Equivalentbehaviour houses a Photographic Scanning Studio, where you can rent the equipment by the hour, or work with us more
personally on digitisation. We provide professional Photographic, Archival and HiRes scanning for film, photographs, artwork and
historical artefacts, and are concentrated with harnessing the relationship between physical and digital.

Please get in touch if you have some ideas you would like to develop or are interested in working together.



Space layout/ diagram