with Katrina Stamatopoulos and Kevin O’neill

22nd of June AND 29th of June, 2024
Cost - £240 for both days OR £150 for ONLY Day 2

Day 1, 22nd of June 2024
11am-5pm at 318 Artlab, The Archives N15 4QN

Hands on black and white printing Workshop, specifically made to develop in the following session of hand colouring with Kevin O’neill. Students are expected to bring negatives or objects to work with in the darkroom, and with ideas they would like to discuss and try out. This could be both abstract, or documentative/ intentional or accidental.

* Discussion of ideas, printing and tonality, photograms, and utilising old paper will all be explored throughout this day.

*Chemistry and paper will be provided, but please bring along any specialised fibre based paper stock you wish to work with.

Day 2, 29th of June, 2024
11am-5pm at Equivalentbehaviour, N15 4QL

This following session is a concentrated hand colouring Workshop, based on the prints made in day 1, and working with master retoucher Kevin O’neill. Introducing colour mixing, localised toning, skin tones, colour building, masking and airbrushing. Students will develop an understanding in making new ways of working in the darkroom for ‘post’ production -  applying colour and creatively working with hand colouring and retouching, to understand new potentials of their practice.

PLEASE NOTE, that we have limited places available - booking for day 2 ONLY can be an option.
Please get in touch with katrina@equivalentbehaviour.net on how prepare for this session separately. 

*Prints will be dry mounted after the first session in preparation for Day 2.

*A home cooked lunch will be provided at Equivalentbehaviouron day 2.



11am-5pm Equivalentbehaviour, N15 4QL
Cost - £150

In this hands-on workshop, participants will experiment with various lumen printing techniques utilising the studio space, a dark space and outdoors. Participants will learn to create cameraless lumen prints using onsite plants, other objects, and botanicals brought by participants.

Lumen prints are produced using gelatin silver paper, which is exposed to light and then placed directly into the fixer. Drawing from the lumen print process of invited guest artist Rachelle Bussières, participants will grasp methods for achieving colors on gelatin silver paper. Ethereal pastel tones will emerge through experimentation with exposure time, types of light (natural and artificial), and the paper used.

Students will explore different techniques to gain insight into the factors influencing the colors of gelatin silver paper and to develop a small body of work.

This playful one-day workshop is open to all ages and families!

PLEASE NOTE, that we have limited places available   

*A presentation of Rachelle’s practice will kick off the session togain insight into the potentials of practicing lumen printing.

*A home cooked lunch will be provided by Equivalentbehaviour




In our first week with Kevin, we focus on working with black and white hand prints (fibre and resin coated).
Starting with black and white, the introduction of brush control and imitating grain are more graspable due to
the concentration of tone and density. The second week is where we expand the palette and begin to work with colour!

Hand spotting, hand colouring, blemish reduction and airbrushing are all techniques focused on in this workshop,
along with an introduction to Kevin's process, and experience in the Retouching industry. 

The Workshop costs £150, and includes tools, materials, and a home cooked lunch.
All classes run from 11am - 5pm

Please keep in mind that Workshops happen when there is demand.

Get in touch if you would like to know when our next one’s are planned.

About Kevin O’neill

Starting out as a Junior Retoucher in 1971, Kevin O'neill became an 'Improver' until 1975, and since then, continues to work as a Retoucher today. With a career spanning 50 years, Kevin's artform remains an integral part of analogue photographic process and preservation. Post-production,since the early 19th century, has always come hand in hand with the visualisation of Photography, and continues to do so today. In 2022, manipulating photographs is typically associated with the digital hand, however, ideas of perfection amongst a way of 'seeing' has always been present in both within and beyond the development of the photograph.


Bring an artwork of your choice, and come frame it in YOUR way (as long as its up to A4 in size).

Through the basics of woodworking and using reclaimed materials, this 3-day Workshop builds skills
and confidence to start framing your own work. FRAMING IS ACCESSIBLE!

> All materials included, along with delicious home made lunches.
> £180 for three days of intense training.
> Classes will all be run by Wojciech Kawczyk, Maker behind StorqueStudios.
> Spaces are limited, so please get in touch with Wojtek or Katrina for more info, or to book yourself in!