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Produced by Equivalentbehaviour and Ensemble Matters

For the first week of May 2023, composer Ollie Hawker and double bassist Zoe Markle were Residents at Equivalentbehaviour.
Developing a solo bass piece with electronics, this collaborative work stems from the duo’s mutual appreciation of classical music,
and emphasises simplicity and tenderness, in challenging conventional notions of virtuosity.

The Residency culminated in a Sharing event and Performance on Saturday the 6th of May, where the duo performed their piece and shared their process.
A guest performance by Oona Lowther and Alexander Papp kicked off the event, and Dante Bishop-Sauve created delicious small plates served throughout the afternoon.


Ollie Hawker is a Glasgow-based composer interested in ideas of digital nostalgia and the internet as folk culture.
He uses both acoustic and electronic means to explore fragility and imperfection, and is interested in the combination
of earnest sincerity and ironic absurdism that characterises much of his generation's online discourse and in turn
mediates their experience of the world.

Ollie holds a Masters degree in composition from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Recent projects have seen him
work with Psappha, Köng Duo, Megumi Masaki and Inland Ocean.


Zoe Markle is a creative and multifaceted bassist with an adventurous approach to music- making. She is passionate
about contemporary classical music and improvisation, having commissioned composers such as Molly Joyce, John Supko,
and Naomi Epstein. Zoe is also a founding member of piano trio, Else, if Else, and enjoys collaborating through chamber music.

Ensemble Matters:

Ollie Hawker (It’s been far too long my dear): 

                                             4/4 Residency Performance and Sharing Event, 6th May 2023


   ...and then it breaks 
Diego Valente // Katrina Stamatopoulos // Ramona Güntert  

Gong bath performed by Special guest Agata Kik
Sunday 26th of June 

Surface is the stage of interplay between Ramona Güntert, Diego Valente and Katrina Stamatopoulos.
They use the surface as advantage. Photography needs the surface. To be sensitive or introverted.
Or just to soak up the information the close surrounding is giving.

With the fascination of the process itself. Static never seemed so fluid. It feels, as if the images store their own energy, only to release it with each other and the space. With a liquid and analogue process its alchemical reaction is present in the space and is needed to make them visible.

...and then it breaks is made through dialogue between these three Artists, and with the
materials they absorb and surrender to amongst their collective photographic practice.

HYPERSPACE Workshop // Irruptive Chora
3rd of June, 2022

Amplifying Movement is a workshop run by artists Hollie Miller & Craig Scott.

Curated by Irruptive Chora, the workshop included relaxational body scanning, gentle massage exchange
and playful tasks that explored our imaginative sensorial body as a medium. Bridging musical and non-musical
sound worlds, a live electronic sound score accompanied the Workshop.

EB Pop-up at Tolli’s, Kentish Town
19th of March 2022 - 10th of April 2022

EquivalentBehaviour resided at Tolli’s Kentish Town, and brought together a selection of work by Independent London based Artists and Makers.

The space evolved throughout our month of residence, with the warmth of Tolli’s Patisserie and tradition in the hand made, remaining at the core.

Artists and Makers include Valeria Muffato, Micaella Pedros, LNRD, Katrina Stamatopoulos, StorqueStudios, and Bamboo House recordings,
who provided a selection of Vinyl.

EB at Tolli's

327 Kentish Town road

London NW5 2TJ

Stay Soft
Publication Launch // Exhibition // DJ’s // Sweet Things
26th of February, 2022

STAY SOFT by Hannelore Leisek and Asli Umut is an intimate contemplation on the female gaze and experience.

The publication contains artworks by eight female artists, sharing their own personal understanding of what it means to ‘Stay Soft’.

The visual expressions are accompanied by six stream of consciousness style narratives developed from multiple anonymous conversations that were recorded between 2020 and 2021. The stories in STAY SOFT engage with personal ideas of beauty, body image, gender bias, prejudice, patriarchy and how we fundamentally occupy our own space, physiologically.

The 58 page self-designed and self-published book printed by exwhyzed, has been released as an edition of 250. 

The project was born out of an interest to investigate what it means to embody the female space.

Artists involved:
Asli Umut
Beatriz Maues
Erin Green
Feben Vemmenby
Hannelore Leisek
Lucy Webster
Meltem Sahin
Nilufer Kocabas

Sweet Debris
Exhibition // Food // DJ’s // AV Performance
23rd of January 2022

SWEET DEBRIS is an Opening round of an Event series that will be dispersed throughout 2022 at Equivalentbehaviour N15 4QL.

For this round, Artists will be exploring notions of geographical entanglement. With spirits that may be repressed or shared, historical and psychosomatic.
We will travel between voyeur to consumer, with ‘lost’ images and electronic sounds that suggest a potential past and possible future.

People involved:

Martyn Riley (Tokoro 23) is a Sound Artist and Musician, originating from Derbyshire. His Sound Art practise specializes in memory and sound-triggers, that employs
layered recording techniques whilst utilizing a diverse mix methods in sound composition.

An Trinse is Northern Irish artist Stephen Mclaughlin. Based in London, his music deals with the uneasy atmospheres and silences left in the Irish psyche in the aftermath
of colonial and religious repression.

Katerina Michail is Greek-Cypriot London based Art Director and Cook. Besides Contributing to Film, Katerina prepares food from her garden. Being a part of the local
Community in Tottenham with Equivalentbeahviour, Katerina hosts Curated dinner parties that bring people together through food.

Louie Isaaman-Jones is a multidisciplinary artist, designer and music enthusiast. His work is a resolution of opposites. He is interested in combining digital and analogue process, as both a conspirator in technological change and a resistor towards it.

Exhibition // Live Performance // Lecture
20th & 21st of November 2021

FLIGHTLESS is located somewhere between science/ natural observation and the absurd…
Bringing together a range of artists/ objects, film, and natural material, we embrace curiosity. Grounded by the respect towards our warm-blooded friends, the stories shared in Flightless surround the stories of humans.

Artists involved:
G (The Skinning Room)
Julian Walker
Katrina Stamatopoulos
Martyn Riley
Theo Ellison

ANCHOR // Martyn Riley

3rd & 4th of September 2021

ANCHOR is an Installation and live sound performance that explores the connection home has on an individual and how the memory of sound,
visuals and objects can be strengthened or deteriorated.

The installation was accompanied by a live sound performance with special guests Christian Dyson, Stephen McLaughlin (An Trinse) and Katrina Stamatopoulos.